Stories of people fleeing the war

23 may 2022
Stories of people who moved to Lviv fleeing active hostilities in their region.
Our guests - refugees who come to the office at 27 Fedorov Street, not only come to receive humanitarian aid, they carry with them a universe of memories, feelings and experiences that we are interested in discovering by communicating with them. These people came from different regions, mainly from the East of Ukraine, as well as from the southern regions and Kyiv region. Their stories touch the living and give an understanding of what war is for ordinary Ukrainians. We publish some excerpts from interviews with them.

Mrs. Marina, Kharkiv, May 4.

Mrs. Marina from Kharkiv. A spiritual, intelligent lady, a history teacher by education and a museum worker by profession. While we were talking, Mrs. Marina kept crying, it seemed that the state when tears involuntarily flow from her eyes and her lips trembled constantly became her constant state, or it was still a bad moment for an interview, because the memories are still alive and too painful. In Lviv, Marina with her daughter and little granddaughter, with whom she spends most of her time - weaving nets together, going to the library while her daughter works.

Marina in Kharkiv worked at the Historical Museum as the head of the department of educational work. "Children came to us, we organized excursions and events for them. They were told about the war, about everything… ». Larysa says that her friend, a librarian, stayed in Kharkiv and recently received the Best Librarian of the Year award. Larysa honestly doesn't understand how she can stay in Kharkiv, but her friend, in addition to just staying, sometimes opens a library - sometimes children still come for books, even in such conditions.

"We showed the children the shackles, though not Shevchenko himself, but then. They are so heavy! And you look, you think, how much Russia has done to Ukraine throughout history, and it is still struggling and struggling… You show children shackles and they fall into their souls, and you do not need to tell anything, or for example, Valentina Grizodubova's boots, or letters Flower-Basics 'яненка. The letters of the soldiers of the Second World War have been preserved, where one fighter wrote letters to his wife and wrote a poem in each letter - he was so creative. I tried to raise something in the children so that they could fight. "
"Putin has not confessed and he has accumulated and accumulated… We do not think, and the soul is getting worse and worse… Everything is from God, so we must all confess to make the world a better place. A lot of people are helping each other now, and that's too much to sift through the word of the Lord. ”
"We must not wish Putin death, we must wish him repentance, a man in repentance will survive longer than he will die in misunderstanding."

70th days of full-scale Russian invasion