The Center for Jewish Art joined in helping refugees.

16 may 2022
Faina Petryakova Scientific Center for Judaism and Jewish Art helps refugees in Lviv.
Scientific Center for Judaism and Jewish Art. During the war in Ukraine, Faina Petryakova partially reformatted her activities to help refugees who were forcibly relocated to Lviv due to hostilities in their regions.

Internally displaced persons can receive assistance at Fedorova 27, on the site of the ancient synagogue "Turei Zagav". Here they can eat every day, receive humanitarian aid in the form of clothing or medicine.

Employees of our center communicate with people to mark their needs, learn their stories of being under fire and evacuation. We record their stories and, with their permission, want to share them with you. Later in the "News" section, we will publish excerpts from interviews with our guests to reflect at least the consequences of Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine, pain and suffering of the Ukrainian people, fear of the unknown, loss of home indefinitely, shelling and danger of evacuation.