The Faina Petryakova Scientific Center for Judaica and Jewish Art

The Faina Petryakova Scientific Center for Judaica and Jewish Art was created in March 2005. The Center is located in the former apartment of Ms. Petryakova in Lviv 14/ 4 Mendeleyeva street. 

Ms. Petryakova is a well-known researcher of Ukrainian glass, porcelain, ceramics and Judaica. She was single and devoted her life to preserving and promoting Jewish culture in the FSU and post-soviet Ukraine. Faina died in 2002, she bequeathed the apartment to Lviv’s Jewish community.

The Faina Petryakova Center acts as a memorial institute, a private museum and a research center.

The main aim of the Center is to preserve the past and promote the future of the Jewish culture.

The director of the Centre is Meylakh Sheykht. For the past 25 years, he has scored Ukraine in an attempt to save its Jewish heritage from neglect and abandonment.

The museum stuff is continuing the work of Ms. Petryakova. Today we are in the middle of developing an exhibition to tell the story Ms. Petryakova's life and work. Also we want to show her private collections of Ukrainian Judaica, glass, porcelain and ceramics.

In addition the museum’s library houses over 5000 books about art, religion, history, and Jewish culture. The most treasured resources are collections on Judaic and pre-war publications. Our library is interesting for art critics, scientists, historians and students.

I invite you to visit The Center in Lviv 14/ 4 Mendeleyeva street and visit our web site