Ukrainian Jewish Heritage Program on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio


For centuries Ukrainian Jews have played a major role in Ukrainian cultural heritage, at home and abroad. Yet their contributions have been vastly under-represented and unrecognized.

This has largely been due to outside influences with a vested interest in keeping Ukrainians and Jews in continual conflict, undermining the natural tendency of both peoples to live in peaceful (and prosperous) co-existence.

The purpose of this radio feature is to raise mutual as well as public awareness of the rich Ukrainian Jewish Heritage with a weekly broadcast produced in conjunction with Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio and Jewish Heritage Museum community in Lviv.  

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List of episodes: 

1. Faina Petryakova Scientific Center for Judaica and Jewish Art

2. Faina Sergiivna Petryakova

3. Golden Rose Synagogue

4. Synagogue in Zhovkva

5.  Sambir cemetary

6.  Rosh Hashana and Uman Piligrimage in Ukraine

7.  Yom Kippur in Ukraine

8. James Temerty - Founder of Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE)

9. Sukkot Shemini, Simchet Torah

10. Ludwig Rosenberg

11. Hanukkah

12. Kamianets-Podilskyi

13. Timothy Snyder of the mark on post - WWII Ukraine

14. Ukrainian Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky - "Seviour of the Jews"

15. Lviv jewish cematery

16. Yaroslaw Dashkevych

17.  The Roots of Klezmer

18. Tu Bishvat

19. Leopold Kozlowski, The Last Klezmer

20. Brody

21. Drohobych

22. Tu Bishvat

23. About Euromaidan

24. Husiatyn 

25. Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Internasional Holocaust Remembrance Day

26.  Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Message to the Leaders of the Maidan

27. Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Purim

28. Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Passover in Ukraine

29.Vitaliy Nahmanovich

30. Zolochiv  

31.  Fr. Omelian Kovch - Pastot of  Majdanek

32. Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Karate Jews

33. Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Rohatyn Part 1.

34. Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Rohatyn Part 2. 

35. Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Belz

36. Baal Shem Tov 

37. Vitaliy Nahmanovich

38. Bruno Schulz

39. Tkuma Institute for Holocaust Studies - Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine Part 1.

40. Tkuma Institute for Holocaust Studies - Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine Part 2.

41. Babyn Yar

42. Lydia Kotliarevska - Righteous Gentile

43. Tisha B Av