Second Seminar of the KETER Programme Held in Lviv

29 march 2012
The second seminar of the KETER training course for museum staff was held in Lviv. The program is designed to help museum professionals improve their knowledge of museum management and gain proper skills in cataloguing and exhibiting Judaica objects.

Keter is a programme for museum staff designed to increase their knowledge of Jewish history and culture, provide opportunities to learn about working with Judaica and support their professional development. The program is made possible by the the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe.

The programme is for museum staff with a responsibility and an interest in caring for the Judaica housed in their institutions. This includes State and Jewish museums in Ukraine.

Dr Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek is the Director of the Programme – untilrecently, she was the Chief Curator of the Jewish Museum of Vienna and is an internationally respectedexpert in working with Judaica. She has a PhD in Jewish Studies and Art History and has curated numerous exhibitions on Jewish culture and history.

Ukraine is an important repository of Judaica, however, there arefew people with the experience and skills to work with these collections. This programme will enablemuseum staff to learn more about the significance of these items and design exhibits to attract a broad range of visitors.


Keter means crown and refers to the silverware adorning a Torah Scroll.