His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Halych, supports the task of preserving the Golden Rose Synagogue (Turei Zahav)

06 december 2011
Patriarch Sviatoslav, Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Halych, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, stated in his letter dated 25 November 2011 that he supports the efforts to preserve and recreate the sacred complex of the Turei Zahav Synagogue, also known as the Golden Rose Synagogue, in Lviv
Below, we kindly provide a translation of the original letter from Patriarch Sviatoslav, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Translation into English

Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Halych

November 25, 2011


Attn: Honorable Mr.Meylakh Sheykhet –
Director of the Representation to Ukraine
of American Union of Councils for the Jews
in the Former Soviet Union,
President of the Jewish religious
community Turei Zahav


Highly Respected Director,

In reply to your letter of November 10, 2011 regarding the preservation and reconstruction of the synagogue complex Turei Zahav in Lviv, let me express my support, because the Jewish community played and continues to play an important part of the city community.

For every People its cultural and spiritual heritage not only represents a historical significance, but also serves as a way of bridging many generations up to the deep ancient times. By remembering and preserving the Heritage, on the one hand, we become participants of the events past, and, on the other hand – we revive the Past in Nowdays through Memory.

By continuing the accomplishments of the G-d’s Servant Metropolitan Andrey (Sheptitsky), who more than once helped the Jewish community and supported it throughout his life. In this letter I wish to express to you support and willingness in all actions, which will enable the restoration and preservation of the synagogue complex Turei Zahav in the City of Lviv.

With respect,


A copy of the original letter in Ukrainian

Звернення Блаженнішого Святослава стосовно «Золотої Рози»