Preparation of Collections and Exhibition at the Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum


Main purpose:

The purpose of this museum is to illustrate the cultural, artistic and intellectual life of the Jewish community in Lviv. The museum also focuses on the personality of Faina Petryakova, a renown art historian, who has managed to put together an impressive collection of books and art (particularly glass works), many of which are pertinent to the various aspect of Jewish art and culture. The museum also seeks to highlight the importance of collaboration between the Jewish and Ukrainian scholars, artists, and other community members.

Project description:

The Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum is based in the home of the famous Jewish Ukrainian art historian and scholar Dr. Faina Petryakova and enjoys a collection of more than 6000 books on various aspect of Jewish art and culture, nearly 700 pieces of traditional glass work and ceramics items, personal research archives, visuals, and others. However, the apartment in which the Museum is located cannot serve as a proper venue for the installation of these collections. Before all of the mentioned valuable items can be put on display for visitors and researchers, it is necessary to arrange the premises and equip the exhibits with necessary materials and supplies. Among the primary beneficiaries of these exhibitions would be the local Jewish community, local and international scholarly community interested in Judaica and Jewish art, numerous students of Jewish ethnography  of Galicia. The project will be delivered by preparing the collections currently kept out of sight in storage for public display and by arranging the space in the museum's apartment. It is important to have such a museum in order to revive Jewish life in Lviv, a city that was once home to a large Jewish population. The museum would serve as a catalyst for exploring the multifaceted Jewish culture in western Ukraine. The exhibitions at this Museum would foster learning about the Jewish past of Galicia, Jewish life and traditions, customs and lasting contribution of prominent Jewish individuals to the development of the region, in order to underscore the importance of the Jewish dimension of Galicia and the peaceful co-existence among cultures.

Project budget:

Architectural Planning and Design of the Exhibits



Exhibit Space Construction



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