The village of Piatydni is located in the Volodymyr-Volynsky district of the Volyn region, 87 km away from the city of Volodymyr-Volynsk. Piatydni was founded in 1259.

In August 1942 the Nazis ordered to dig pits near the village. The Jews from a ghetto in Volodymyr-Volynsk, which had been created in April of that year, were brought for the task. They were assured that the pits were intended for the construction of an underground fuel storage for a future local airport. 

In September 1942 first Jews were brought to the pits near Piatydni to be shot. In total, about 25 thousand people were shot. 

Today, a memorial has been put up on the spot of the fateful pits near Piatydni to remember the victims of mass shootings. Many other places that witnessed such massacres in WWII period in the Volyn region remain unmarked and unprotected.