Our Agenda



At the Petryakova Center for Judaica and Jewish Art we are guided each day by the motivation to achieve the following long-term objectives:

1. preserve the Jewish cultural heritage in Ukraine and internationally

2. foster Jewish-Ukrainian relations and the development of intercultural understanding

3. develop educational and research programs

4. cooperate with scholars and institutions who share similar objectives

5. support Ukrainian museums and archives in their effort to organize and display Jewish heritage objects

6. educate about and preserve the memory of the Ukrainian society and the international community of the Jewish life in the region before the Holocaust and other fatal consequences of the totalitarian regimes

7. preserve historic sites of Jewish cultural heritage in Ukraine and assist in similar activities in other countries

8. monitor respect for universal human rights and freedoms, and the implementation of the rule of law in cases affecting the preservation of cultural heritage and human dignity

9. stimulate the development of an independent civil society, human capital and good governance in Ukraine in the field of cultural heritage preservation and cultural policy

10. advance the preservation of cultural heritage as the soul and origin of all forms of arts and creativity that influences social cohesion and economic well-being