Lviv City Mayor Visits the Petryakova Center and Our Memorial Apartment-based Museum

11 february 2011
Lviv City Mayor Andriy Sadovy paid an official visit to our headquarters
The Petryakova Center welcomed the mayor of Lviv City - Mr Andriy Sadovy - to our memorial apartment, which serves a museum and a living testimony to the legacy of Faina Petryakova and her life's work of exploring the subtle interlinkages between the Jewish and Ukrainian cultures in various areas of fine art. Mr. Sadovy came along with a delegation of city council officials in order to speak with the staff of the Center and gather feedback on the challenges faced by the team in transforming Faina Petryakova's former home into a museum. Recognizing the unique value of the planned museum to the Lviv community and to the international audience, Mr. Sadovy stated that the city administration was going to facilitate this process from the legal side as much as possible.